Question: Does RadzCap Inc. support local community funding programs?

Answer: Yes, RadzCapz Inc. does support local community fundraising programs through

their sales and donation reward program. The program is designed to serve as a fundraising through

internet contacting means that most local community groups could participate in. The groups needs

may be for their needed equipment, trips, scholarships, funds for other charitable works that they

may do. The types of groups that could use the program would be the local scout organization, local

PTA school funding programs, local community recreational programs, independent athletic

programs, fraternal organizations and other similar groups that need funding for their program.


Question: I have been asked by many of you “How can my Group working with Radzcap Inc

create a funding stream when a person or household only needs 1 RadzCapz hanger for our


Answer: Our answer is that although your family’s needs could on the initial purchase of a

RadzCapz hanger be satisfied but the funding stream does not stop. I have listed below why I

believe the funding stream can be continued for your Group.

It starts with the basic household and the very usual acquiring of more baseball caps through

more persons added to the family, their changing ages and size and as well as a more variety of

Interests and activities in their lives.

The family and the Groups do expand and the need for another RadzCapz hanger is there.

Therefore the funding stream is continued.

After the basic group type funding potential through offering the RadzCapz to them, there are

the Group members that change or expand on a monthly, seasonally or yearly basis. This would

apply from the Little League baseball teams, school sports teams, college teams, fraternal

organizations and to others that may be your group. By the same offering to these new

members and their family members, friends and their acquaintances through emails,

newsletters and other ways about the RadzCapz hanger and its’ funding of your Group through

their purchase.

Therefore your Groups’ funding stream is continued.

I hoped to have shown you how the funding can be a continuing funding source for your

Group and with the same minimal involvement and effort on the Groups and each member’s


Please contact me for further details on the program and how using your Groups code ensures

the finding returned to your Group and for their needs.

Ask for information on how our fundraising program can help fund your organization or

group program needs. Contact Larry at 517-294-2119.



Question: We have a problem when camping in keeping our clothes and towels hanging to dry.

Can the RadzCapz “LinkLine” be used for a solution to this?

Answer: Yes, the RadzCapz “LinkLine” pack is designed to help those campers and outdoors

persons with a solution to some of their problems.

The link is designed to work with a piece of clothesline, of a length that will accommodate 6 or

more of our links. The links can be spaced to fit the users need. The links can be spaced by using

the knotting of the clothesline section before and after the first link placement. The remaining

link placements can be set by the user to accommodate what their items to be placed require.

Towels, swimsuits and other clothing articles would require a spacing to allow for easy hanging

of the article and for drying.

Hanging of grilling tools and pans would require a spacing that may vary depending on how large

the item may be and the room on the line requires. The spacing of the links can vary for the items

from a frying pan to the grill fork.

The use of the link line helps in the area space by keeping those grilling items off the grille when

cooking as well a place to keep the items off the ground and handy to the cook.


Question: How do we hang the pots, pans and grilling tools on the “LinkLine”?

Answer: The tools used for grilling usually have a hole or ring in the handle. A piece of clothesline,

a piece of leather or similar items that would fit the hole and can be tied into a loop could

be used. We have found also that a shower curtain ring makes a very clean and usable tool

for hanging these items.


Question: How are the links and clothesline set up to work for camping? 

Answer: Follow steps below:

Step 1: Start with a piece of clothesline (3/8″) about 8 to 10 feet long.

Step 2: Tie a loop at one end for a later connection use.

Step 3: Tie a knot on the line approximately 8 inches from the loop knot. String a link on the

clothesline and place next to the knot on the line.

Step 4: Tie another knot near the link on the line. Put the second link knot a distance on the

line away from the first link to accommodate the article to be hung. Suggested distances are

4 inches for towels and swimsuits and like articles. Spacing of the knots links can be 3 to 8

inches for grilling tools and empty frying pans and pots.

Step 5: Once the links are set on the section of the clothesline to serve, the users need a loop

made on this end similar to the first loop.

Step 6: When out camping the section of the links is flexible on where to hang the link

section to serve the users needs. Find a place to hang the link section whether between 2

trees, a post and a tree, a tree and the RV or trailer or etc. Where the line can be strung up


Step 7: Take another length of the clothesline and connect it to the link line loop end. Then

extend and tie it off to the first selected support. Then attach another piece of clothesline

to the other loop end of the LinkLine and extend to the second support. Place the line high

enough on the supports to keep the LinkLine and the intended articles off the ground, away

from the fire or grill and to be convenient for access and use by the user(s).


The RadzCapz LinkLine now is ready to use on this trip and for the future trips use. We

suggest keeping RadzCapz LinkLine in a zip lock type bag for those future trips and use.

Happy camping and/or grilling.


Question: Can the “LinkLine” have other uses? 

Answer: Yes, the LinkLine can be used for multiple purposes. A couple of ideas from

our customers are as follows. There may be more depending on your needs and interests.

1. Use the RadzCapz “LinkLine” as a hanger place for certain tools in a workshop to save

space or keeping them nearby when away from the normally used bench or table.

2. Use the RadzCapz “LinkLine” as a hanger for hobby item hanging to save space when assembling,

drying or finishing the items.



The FAQ section is now a part of the website. Please feel free to use the website and the FAQ’S

to relate your experiences with the “RadzCapz” cap hanger or the use of the “LINKLINE” during

your camping, grilling or traveling experiences.