RADZCAP Inc began in 2016 an organization funding opportunity through the sales of the

RadzCapz hanger. Various types of organizations (Groups) that are looking for a fund raising

source for their needs and other charitable services they are involved with. The opportunity

may provide the funding needed as well an additional funding stream to keep things going.

Examples of those usually needing funding are the various Alumni Groups, Fraternal Groups,

Civic Groups, Boy Scout Troops, Little League Teams, all school sport teams and college sports

teams. The program is for essentially any Group needing funding for their work as charities and

scholarships or financial needs as equipment, travel expenses, etc. for their organization or who

they may be advocates for.

Please contact me for further details on the program and how using your Groups code insures

the funding returned to your Group and for their needs.


Radzcorp, Inc would entertain an affiliate relationship with proven Affiliates that can demonstrate

successful and productiveresults for the entities and product types they represent. Compensation

would be based on proven results through the use of the Affiliates financial benefit obtained by

Radzcap, Inc through the sale of the RadzCapz hanger and related accessories. The affiliate relationship

would be based on a satisfactory and proven financial benefit and would be terminated when the agreed

upon results do not meet the timely and ongoing financial benefit to Radzcap, Inc. Multi-level type or

Affiliates that are a part of a consortium of affiliates will not be considered for an affiliate relationship with

Radzcap, Inc.